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Psychic Readings by Truth Intuitions

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Our psychic reading sessions provide you with the spiritual insight and guidance you need to create the life that excites you. Shift your way of thinking. Ditch the passive approach to living. Be guided by purposeful momentum. When you decide to be in control and realign with the power within, you begin to take ownership of the decisions and outcomes in your life.


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Spirits Up

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YouTube Videos

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new content every week! Get to know our Psychic readers as they give advice on cleansing your energy, maintaining spiritual balance and any topics our Vibers suggest.


We love festivals! I mean who doesn’t, right? Our events page will keep you up to date on where to find our booth around Long Beach, LA and DC.

Tarot Thursdays

Show up for good ol’ fashion healing vibes every Thursday at California Drifters in Long, Beach California for in person readings with Erika & Christine.

AirBnB Experience

Come hang with us in Long Beach for a couple of hours of healing and psychic readings by the ocean.


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We ALL have a gift!!! Ya’ll need to have Christine in your life. She’s the co-founder of Truth Intuitions and she did an intuitive reading for me focused on my brand, career & business via FaceTime and she was on point!!! She pulled some cards and my mouth fell open as she began to validate some things in my life while at the same time providing some Intuitive Guidance. She is gifted!!!

Melissa R. Hibbért
Celebrity Makeup Artist & Esthetician


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