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You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

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Benefits of Your Psychic Reading

We take pride in being your Psychic Advisor. We are here to empower you to grow and become the best version of your divine self. Supporting, encouraging and guiding you through life's inevitable changes. Come with an open mind and commitment to growth, and you will renew your ability to:

Clear away mental fog and confusion

Balance and heal your energy centers

Reconnect with your Divine purpose

Manifest the lifestyle you desire

Expand creativity and vision

Ground your dreams in the physical world

Activate psychic abilities

Enhance decision making skills

Improve career direction

Attract more fulfilling relationships

Ease stress during life transitions

Cope with difficulties more effectively

Improve interpersonal skills

Detach from negative core beliefs 


It takes a village…



CEO | Psychic Advisor

Christine Deloatch is an international Psychic Advisor and Spiritual Life Coach and CEO of Truth Intuitions. A graduate of Howard University in Washington DC, she moved to Long Beach, California to expand the Truth Intuitions brand full-time. She has coached thousands of clients around the world and has participated in several metaphysical panels, helping people from all walks of life rediscover their self-confidence and inner-peace.  Christine has curated several spiritual events, been featured as a guest psychic reader across the United States and has served as contributing writer for esoteric and wellness blogs. She has displayed her psychic services via in-person and virtual reading sessions, at festivals and on our YouTube channel. She has gained popularity through aiding celebrity clients, notable social influencers and business owners through their most trying times using her powerful gift of clairvoyance. 

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Social Media Director | Psychic Advisor

Erika Archer is a natural Psychic Empath who has always felt a passion to help others heal and grow. Her love for understanding people and culture led her to fulfill her Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology. Her Psychic Readings allow for her to help and heal others through her natural abilities as a clairvoyant, clairaudient Empath as well as understanding the unique individuality that makes up every person. Erika believes we are all the results of the culture in which we live. She appreciates the opportunity to provide life lessons and tools to all who seek her guidance in order to shape and form their lives to a higher level of their own making. Erika believes we are the creators of our own realities. She uses Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Pendulum Dowsing, Scrying, and her Third Eye to bring the answers and guidance needed to her clients. Erika does not hold back in delivering truth and delivers news in the highest good of her client urging them to take the path that is best for them in whatever area of concern. If you need guidance on love, career, life purpose, or past life healing Erika can help.


Lauren Emily

Creative Director | Psychic Advisor | Reiki Healer

Lauren Brewer is an intuitive empath, psychic advisor, reiki healer and creative force. She studied fashion merchandising, art and journalism at Howard University before moving forward to uncover the many layers of creation in her spirit. In January 2017, she left the full-time work force behind to finally explore her life purpose. Lauren is a graphic, web and brand designer, interior design consultant, personal stylist, illustrator and photographer as well as a psychic counselor. She uncovers new creative interests every day and hopes to encourage others to live their truth and prove their full potential. As a psychic and reiki healer, she has helped hundreds of clients across the world cope with our fear based reality and find hope and purpose in their existence despite troublesome situations. As the Creative Director of Truth Intuitions, she hopes to create a message that will spread worldwide to reach all who welcome life changing clarity and healing.


When your heart speaks, take notes.

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Our mission at is to help uplift our global community.  We spread the message of unconditional love through spiritual counsel and inspirational product offerings. We provide quality, faith-based teachings and readings that help enhance the lives of people from all walks of life. Truth Intuitions is a divine brand and inclusive online community, where we encourage reconnecting with your Highest Good.

We are dedicated to creating awareness around metaphysical topics often overlooked in mainstream media. We seek to illuminate the minds and warm the hearts of our clients and customers. Serving you positivity and encouragement is our joy!

Our Gold Standard Guarantee ensures genuine care and delivery of all products and services. We are passionate about providing guidance, resources and treasures that will benefit our clientele for years to come.  

Thank you for choosing us! We value your support and trust and look forward to assisting you along your spiritual journey!

The Truth Team



  1. We value the privacy of our clients and will abide by our commitment of confidentiality.

  2. We will advise with integrity and transparency.

  3. If we face an energy block and cannot effectively connect to provide insights, we will refund your payment.

  4. We will not up-sell you on energy cleanses or curse removals.

  5. We do not predict lottery winnings, deaths, health issues, successful pregnancies, court case victories or divorce.

  6. We operate from a space of love and respect all life paths.

  7. We are here to provide guidance and insight, not to make decisions for you.

  8. We believe in free will, and therefore do not guarantee predictions.

  9. We will be sensitive in our delivery.

  10. We will put 100% effort and consideration into each of our readings.