Truth Links #28

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Truth Links #28

After a brief hiatus for balance, I am back with more Truth Links! I hope to spark your soul a little bit. Happy Thursday!

  1. I would love to intern at this potion shop in NYC.
  2. Take responsibility for the energy you bring to others.
  3. Another nudge to quit your 9-to-5 for that thing you’re secretly good at!
  4. In some ways the Universe forces truths on us.
  5. We like to keep you all hip to technological truths as well…

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My creativity is best satisfied by web design; however, I also love and appreciate creativity in style, interior design and decorating, architecture, hand-made goodies... I could go on. I have always loved to write, but knew my true passion was in seeing beauty, rather than writing about it. I graduated from Howard University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising - a healthy blend of art, design and business. After going back to school for graphic and web design and a few years in the corporate world, I am now fully immersed in my true purpose. Chief Creative of Truth Intuitions, intuitive advisor, crystal collector and self-proclaimed living room yogi. Namaste.

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