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Truth Links #29

Ahhh, 29 is my number! Since a few months before my 29th birthday last November, I have been seeing this number and my birth date, 1129 at least twice daily. Check out our numerology page to get into the meaning of the numbers following you and your life path number!

Also, get into these Truth Links. Happy Thursday, Vibers!

  1. Here’s a breakdown of napping to help convince the entire country to vibe with siestas.
  2. Celebrities are always the easiest examples of the law of attraction.
  3. You’re gonna want to read this interview with Erykah Badu on wellness.
  4. An astrology update on the next full moon from Forever Conscious.
  5. We’ve almost made it through another retrograde! I got into it with Apple though, guys. It was rough!

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