The Summer Solstice | Free Your Mind


"You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now!"

-Joan Baez

The Direction Changes

The healing of Cancer is prominent as we look back at where we have grown from. The energy present can feel like a Mercury Retrograde in big way. Chiron is playing his part in removing barriers and hurt from old childhood wounds. Like a wish has been fulfilled -we can find ourselves lining up with a positive outlook that can be better than we’ve had in years. Don't know where to start with this work? You can use this Moon energy for around 7 days from the start of the full moon on June 20th, 2016! Let's continue.

Questions coming to the forefront have to do with themes such as:

  • How to free ourselves from various ways we may be feeling tied or stuck in place or in the past?

  • How can we tap into that free spirited energy of happiness, contentment and optimism and make use of it in our day to day?

  • How are we able to see more of the possibilities of life?

  • Where is it that expansion of one's personal perspective can be shifted to bring in more abundance of what is wanted?

A Dose of Reality Comes In

The fastest moving planet happens to be dear Mercury which also rules the sign Gemini. This line up will be urging us to see things as they are at this Summer Solstice Full moon in Sag. There is something to be grateful for, to be happy about however we have to deal with the details and truth of a matter with this placement as a collective.

Back and Forth

For some it won’t be so easy because we want to be free of the alleged limitations which reality can highlight. We can go in mega optimistic and happy go lucky all we want to as self awareness will grow brighter with this configuration in the heavens.

Challenges are slowly passing through testing us. Still, the balance of personal joy with a grounded approach to living will show up as necessary options for us at this time that we can use. We’ll have to widen our scope to let this new light in to change us. How can we turn our approach into one that is more sturdy, more tangible?

The Shift of Perspective

This Full moon is influencing us by flipping things around. You could find some people behaving in ways they normally would not out of the blue. This is due to the opposition between Gemini or Cancer and Sagittarius depending on sidereal or western astrology.

There's a big recalibration happening that so many will see life finally from a totally renewed perspective. For others that have been wanting to have a huge change in their lives..well this shift of energies should be a main catalyst for that change. This is because there are powers of manifestation and positive thinking that are certainly playing out at present. We're being called to expand as a whole. The way one looks at what is possible in his or her life can be strongly seen now by looking around your life. Pay strong attention to your focus. If you feel its overwhelming to look at then shift the way you view the situations at hand.

The Moon Asks Deeper Questions

A Blue Full Moon in Sagittarius asks some key questions: Are you living in your authentic true nature? How well are you at leaning towards the brighter side of life? What have you accepted to be your truth? What do you feel is possible for you? What exists out there for you that will bring more happiness into your life? What can you appreciate today?

Weighing options is huge with this type of Moon. There are people who will feel they are lucky, some can find themselves feeling entirely the other way though. Some will feel lucky although what we call Luck is in the eye of the beholder. This life does offer us millions of opportunities to live within the wholeness of who we are- if only we have the courage to stand in it! That's why self reflection is so powerful for seeing in pictures what is, was and can be a possibility.

Listen: Tune Into Your Truth

Right now, a light bulb may be sounding off as we shift from an inner realization of how we have changed to witnessing our own powers of attraction. The law of attraction is exalted now as the Sagittarius full moon falls on June 20th 2016 on a Monday which is like so perfect for a reset of cycles. If you're across the seas through you could be experiencing this full moon on the day after.

So, again this full moon comes up for making the most of this abundant sequence of planetary time since the planet Jupiter does rule the sign Sagittarius. Instead of setting intentions like during the last new moon- this full moon is more about getting into the whirlpool of all that we have asked for while celebrating what comes in. (Be sure to make a note of it for yourself).

Sure many will stumble, fall down, experience a feeling of failure or even missed opportunity. It happens. With each moment comes with it- a new day to encounter the richness of life altering modes of existence which can take you on a ride to greater self confidence and growth. What a magical ride!

Is It Mercury Retrograde Time Again?

During this full moon you may want to rediscover, reexamine, reestablish your own truth. The luck is in the dream you allow yourself to envision but it's also in the ability to let it be at once! Then to allow ourselves to also come to the realization of our ultimate vision!

A full, free, loving, truth seeking full moon falling in Sagittarius is a reminder to stay the course. It comes right in with universal wisdom boldly highlighting the tone of what is. The time is here to be optimistic. Hold onto your big dreams since whatever we believe is possible for us truly nourishes that vision.

"An idea is just a thought that we keep thinking"

- Abraham-Hicks

The truth that we place into ourselves is the very same water that gives life to the fruits of promise within our spirit. There is a promise we have made to ourselves this lifetime. It's all good too, even through the challenges find a way to see an opportunity! Sagittarius is also about Freedom. Which leads us back to The truth which is totally free.

Before I leave you...Know that Anything is possible, stand in your power. I am reminded today too as we share this moment. Regardless of anything, know your potential is without limit! The divine consciousness of you sure knows it. This day and month LIVE BIG! Expand. Be you. Dance exploratorily with your inner wisdom. You are a powerful creator.

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Sending you love