10 Ways Mindfulness Can Save Your Relationship


Mindfulness is the practice of being grounded in the current moment.  It involves full awareness of our feelings, thoughts, body sensations and environment. Mindfulness means mastering non-judgment and acceptance. To be truly “here” without anxiety about the future or remorse about the past is to embody this peaceful way of living.

When mindfulness is applied to matters of the heart, it can do wonders to improve peace around our romantic connections. It allows us to genuinely tune into our partners and actively participate in growing the bond. If you are looking to improve appreciation, communication and vulnerability with your significant other, check out these 10 ways practicing mindfulness can save your relationship.

  1. Notice Behavior Shifts: By practicing mindfulness, you are more aware of subtle changes in your partner’s behavior. Maybe they are overwhelmed or upset and in need of a venting session, but if you are too wrapped up in your concerns to notice, you can miss being able to provide support.

  2. Improve Gratitude: When you are mindful, you are able to appreciate the little things your significant other does to make you happy. Those loving gestures often get overshadowed by our daily demands. When they wash the dishes because they know it makes you happy, or you cook their favorite meal because you know it excites them, those courtesies should be recognized. Slow down to give more gratitude.

  3. Converse (and Listen) Better: Mindfulness allows us to be fully present in conversations. Not just listening to respond, but taking in what points the speaker is making. It is a great feeling to really be heard and to know that your partner wants to understand what makes you tick.

  4. Discuss Instead of Argue: Seeking to understand rather than to be understood is a result of practicing mindfulness. This calm and centered approach allows misunderstandings to be addressed in a balanced form versus a heated argument. There is a decrease in emotionally-charged, reactionary responses, so a fair approach to disagreements is more likely.

  5. Build Patience: Being grounded in the current moment requires commitment to patience. Mindfulness will encourage you to move slower, with intent instead of rushing through life. A morning kiss before going into work becomes less of a robotic habit, and more of a cherished moment. Your growing patience will increase your ability to be more compassionate with your partner.

  6. Strengthen Trust: Mindfulness increases your ability to be more reliable, because your actions and words become more intentioned. When you are present, you are less likely to agree to plans or make promises out of a rushed, manipulative or mindless state. Mindfulness requires an ability to value what is in front of you, making it less likely to take people or experiences for granted. Also conversations with your partner may become more vulnerable in nature. They can sense you are really holding space to connect, instead of acting out of duty or routine.

  7. Create Spontaneity: Incorporating mindfulness improves your ability to value the moment and seize the day. You and your partner may become more inspired to try a new restaurant or vacation destination. Creating fresh experiences filled with excitement will matter more than living life on autopilot.

  8. Ease Stress: You will find yourself organizing your life better and not feeding into negative thoughts, doubts, fears or anxieties. This removal of low vibrational focus will prevent you from projecting these onto your partner. You will be tuned into the moment, which will result in a more attractive, upbeat disposition.

  9. Ignite Intimacy: When you are fully present, it is easier for you to notice the attractive qualities within your partner. This new level of appreciation can ignite a sexual chemistry and desire to please your significant in new ways. Notice their new perfume or hairstyle. Realize the sexual position they enjoyed most. Mindfulness can build new passion in a connection.

  10. Laugh Harder: Humor allows you to be connected to the current moment. When you are joking and laughing, you have no other cares in the world. You are mindful of current circumstances from a positive perspective. Injecting this energy into your relationship will give it a youthful boost. You’ll become less critical of yourself and your partner. If a mistake happens, you’ll be more likely to laugh it off. Learn to live in this lighthearted approach to love.