Balance, Karma, and Yin / Yang


These concepts are often misunderstood. Karma does not always mean “Do bad, get bad” rather it is the concept of working through “lessons” in order to grow and expand.

While we may see challenges as unfair, “Why me?”, and victimizing… While we may witness at global atrocities, tragedy like the sickness and death of infants, natural disasters, and the plight of war… Remember that these things have always existed in our history. Realize that they affect more species than humans on this earth. Consider that there are view points different than ours on a macro scale, we usually only consider the tragedies of life through our micro, human lens. All things need balance and they will shift until balance is found - this is a rule of our Universe… It seeks homeostasis.

The human population has grown tremendously in recent history, so, as awful as it is to witness, it seems to make universal sense that we have always battled and killed each other through history. Look at the animal kingdom… So many animals fight each other just for the right to mate. Look at the plant kingdom, plants die and compost into the ground leaving fertile soil that bares new growth.

It is uncomfortable to think of death, but know that there is rebirth (whether you believe your spirit is reborn or whether you believe your physical body simply composts and allows room for new humans to use the planet). It is painful to think of tragedy, but the occurrence of tragedy often leads to reform. Yes there is darkness in this world, but without the darkness you would be unaware of the light. Without trudging through the valleys of pain, using all your might to climb to the top of the mountain, you would not learn and expand. There would be no valor. Without this endurance you wouldn’t break through karmic cycles.

So, refining these global concepts to your micro-human-existence… What has been unfair in your life? How can you use that disadvantage as an advantage? How can you seek balance? How can you grow?