Become the Captain of Your Ship


One of my favorite movies of all times is the Titanic. I love the Titanic for two reasons, one being the hot and beautiful Jack Dawson also known as Leonardo DiCaprio and also it being such a great hopeless romantic flick.  Jack was this poor guy who won a ticket to board a cruise to America in a gambling match. On board he meets the love of his life Rose, a rich woman already engaged to a wealthy business man.

Jack fell in love with Rose at first sight and decided she was the one for him disregarding her fiancé. Rose eventually fell in love and became torn between love and tradition. To fast forward, the ship, called “Titanic” hit an iceberg and started to fill with water. Now, thousands of people were trapped in the middle of the freezing ocean trying to save their lives. This tragedy brought out the ugliness in many of the characters. People started to fight and kill each other to save their own lives. However, Rose realized her happiness outweighed money and chose to be with Jack no matter if they lived or died.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and watched it countless of times, I did not reference it because of the romance. I suddenly realized that the real problem that occurred on the ship was the captain and his egoic mind.

In Eckhart Tolle's book “A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose”, he discusses that since the beginning of time, the human race has been controlled and conditioned by its egoic mind. In other terms, the ego is the loud speaker in your head that always thinking of something negative. It is always reminding you of your dark past and discouraging you from your promising future. It loves confrontations, arguments, and power amongst many other things.

In order for the ego mind to stay in control it has to keep its strength. It constantly sends negative reminders which triggers negative emotions that successfully fuels energy to the ego.

Energy is what keeps all things alive.

In the Titanic, the true problem hid very subtly in the captain’s egoic mind. He was advised of the danger ahead and the only option to save the ship would be to turn it around. However, his pride also known as his egoic mind wanted to prove itself and its work amongst his rich peers.  He only thought of his reputation and how people would deem the Titanic as a failure. Indeterminately, he continued to sail knowing it was dangerous.

Do you see how the ego works? Even though there is evident danger ahead, it ignores because it craves power, attention, and self praise.

The captain ignores his intuition and hits the iceberg so hard that the iceberg splits in half. To fast forward a little more, the ship start to overtake with water. Now the captain is sweating bullets because his precious baby that he built is indefinitely going to sink and kill thousands. If only he had become aware of that voice in his head that is always against better judgement, he could have saved himself, others, and his ship.

But he lost it all.

So you maybe wondering how to stop such self destructive patterns and become in control.

The first way is to become aware of the ego’s negative thoughts. Realizing that those thoughts are not who you truly are. Who you really and truly are can not be described or thought. You are a spiritual being and adding words to define your spiritual realm only confines you in a small box. When you become aware of who is talking in your head, whether it is your ego or your higher inner self, their power strengthens or lessens.

When you realize that the negative thoughts you think are in no real correlation with your spirit, the power of those thoughts weakens.

The second way is to become present. You can do the “Five Senses Check-In” which is the best technique to becoming present. Look around and see where you are, listen to your surroundings, breathe in and smell the scents, taste your saliva, feel how your feet feel on the ground or clothes on your body. Engaging in your five senses brings you out of your mind and into the present moment. 

Once you notice that your ego tries to take control, become aware of it then become present. Soon the present moment will take full control and your ego will have little to no power. You no longer have to be lead by your mixed emotions which leads to uncontrollable behavior. You can be the front runner of your ship.

In the bible, one of Jesus last words while nailed to cross, bleeding profusely and whipped like a slave said, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” The ego is so strong that people will behave in such manners that is totally identified with their ego. Allowing them to self sabotage, kill others or kill themselves, and not become aligned with who they truly are.

Do not let your egoic mind be the captain of your ship. The creator of the world is the captain of your ship and you must listen to your inner higher self to sail it in the right direction. You must silence those voices that only wants you to hit an iceberg and cause you grief and harm.

If you allow God to become the captain of your ship, he will bring you to your every heart’s desires. All you have to do is become aware, stay present, and God will handle the rest.