The Best Time To Switch Up Your Meditation Style


Earlier last year, I tried focusing on meditating. I had always heard about meditation and how soothing it is, but I had never tried, and when I did I just could not focus! I was so frustrated with not being able to focus I just eventually gave up. What I realized for myself is that when I get anxious or stressed I tend to focus on my anxiety and my stress instead of focusing on varying ways to meditate. I wondered why I could not get this thing right! I mean I would sit there, hum, chant positive phrases, and nothing!

I went to a Vibers event one night where I was told to listen to Isochronic music to help with my meditating, so I did. The following week I looked up “Isochronic music” on Apple Music and started my attempt at meditation once again. Surprisingly it did help! Its calming effect helped settle my mind and allowed me to focus on my mind and meditating instead of the stressful event occurring in my life at the time.

Eventually, I added scented candles, a special mat, and my practice became a little better. Personally, I’ve been practicing mediation more frequently, but have yet to arrive at the place of my desire when it comes to meditating. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but I’m sure you can imagine what mine will be this year!

I would encourage those who are trying to increase their focus during mediation to try the above tactics. The holidays can be a grueling, stressful, and sometimes depressing time for some. Increasing your practice in any maneuvers that help to remove this stress and grief can be one of the most helpful tactics during this time of year. It worked for me and I’m hoping it will do the same for you into the new year!