Don't Be Afraid To Have Your Breakthrough


As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life. ~John Lubbock

Hi there my dear ones ~

I'm just checking in on you. I sincerely hope that your week is rolling along with ease. If it is good or maybe not so much then I’ve come to recall with you our precious existence as divine beings on earth.

Rough patches come then go; however, I find surefooted comfort comes swiftly in knowing that we are not any of the things that are happening to us. Nor are we what is happening in our environment.

Like you, I too feel that sometimes it sounds so very starry eyed or way ambitious to think this way. It can sound like a load of bull to some people who hear and read words like this, especially if you read these words on the day all of life seems to be out of order for you and for others you know. It’s not often so easy to hear positive words during rocky moments when you are not feeling your best.

Can you believe it?! How dare someone tell you that what you are experiencing, seeing, smelling, touching and sensing isn’t as it seems? How dare anyone tell you that everything is based on what we perceive it to be? That we can always decide how we will allow something to affect or touch us? Then you may also hear: The very thing that you could be going through is also a necessary thing that is only passing through.

Often, perceived challenges are not there to stay but are just passing through like a ship traveling and steadily on the ever powerful unpredictable mystical seas.

What many of us want to know is why we go through challenges at all? This points to the most important question of all which is: WHO AM I? Who am I is a question which is always pulling us forward to answer it.

Once I wrote a special memo on a sticky note to me to bring myself back to peace when rough times came up. As I got older, I got so tired of feeling as if I was helpless when I couldn’t make sense of what was happening in my life. So I said if I must go through troubled waters periodically then I'll make my journey through it short and sweet. I figured a small memo could work. It helped too so I'll have a way of leading myself back home to my soul so I won't hurt more than I ever have to. I was desperate for change. It took several times to actually write the memo down too :-) Although eventually I did.

We have things which happen to us and around us to shock us back into remembering our own life’s purpose.

The truth is that if everything were always sweet as pie without a streak of friction, we would forever just remain comfortable. In cases like that, we could even look around where we would not find people going within, or asking deeper questions, or digging deeper, nor looking for connections to questions, seeking hope or looking for any light at the end of the tunnel.

Mostly it seems it just would not be that way. See, the material world can be a big time distraction, something has to pull us away to go further into ourselves to find out the question of who we are. It is true though as well that the material world can also be a blast too! I've been learning to be grateful for it all.

Moreover, how many people do you honestly know would look for answers if they had no problems at all? How many people would have become seekers if there were no inner stirrings of the heart as a result of challenges? Who would look for light if there were no dark times in their lives ever?

What I feel is that we are called forth in weird ways constantly. There are small signals sent to us followed by larger ones that come when we don't heed the smaller signals to us. I wonder what you have experienced with this. Do you feel we need moments to transform into our higher self. Or do you think we can simply come out of the gate to remember our existence solely or should we do it all on our own without any divine signals?

Back to the important question again which is who are you and I?

To answer this question you can go into places which show you who you are not - to see glimpses of what you really are.

Observe this, if you find yourself going through a series of rough patches during this month of April… or whenever you are reading this take your time... Next I want you to Imagine its just after a huge full moon eclipse. Think about how the moon energy felt to you. Did you feel emotional more than usual? Or did you notice other people reacting more than they usually do at that time?

You can see that everyone is on different levels in how they exercise their will...You can see that you and others tend to react differently to various things. There are times when you may feel more detached from a challenge than with others. Always know that each event has the power to affect anyone but we have the power to choose not to be affected by outside circumstances by simply choosing to be at peace during them.

There are times when you make a choice to not get involved, there are also others where you say to your(SELF) that you are going to do something. As you reflect on what you're going to do, you can bet each time that you will see the action you want to take-first in your mind. The mind is only a tool though. The mind is not you.

We are the only ones on the planet who can do this (choosing) as divine beings who come forth this lifetime in human form.

Being able to reflect on what to do is what sets you apart from being an animal. Thinking first about what you really want to do is one way that you make use of your innate ability to exercise your will to choose. Not acting in an automatic fashion reveals even another clue as to your true state of being. To exercise your will means to be aware. Awareness is a divine attribute which animals don’t have. They have natural animal instincts instead.

As we desire to express ourselves from our highest ability, we will channel our higher self by default. Then, what we Will has to come to pass. We are made in the likeness of an ever expanding omnipresent (everywhere), omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) invisible CONSCIOUSNESS which supplies life to all. But its also a vital source of love and unlimited abundance running through all things-at all times. Spiritually awakening can be tough to keep balance in ones life once you know the truth how can you exist as a regular person anymore? I had to ask myself this question during multiple awakenings myself.

Here's the insight that came through about it: On this planet, unless you are a sage or on the way to becoming a sort of spiritual master this particular lifetime, one of your highest aspirations could be learning how to marry your head with your heart. This is where energy work comes into the picture. Chakra balancing is key. Although we've all heard about it and it sounds simple enough to do, many people are left confused. Many people don't know how to start chakra work or where to start with this energy stuff. This is really what Channeling Your Highest Self is all about at a glance!

You see, it’s about stepping forth consciously on your own accord. It's about coming forth curiously, simply finding a place right in the middle of all that is to just be. To just be all that you are in each moment. To be all that you are as an earthly being and also as the divine being you totally are too. Marrying the head and heart-denying neither one means a balanced blissful life for human beings.

In the meanwhile Just Breathe,

Breakthroughs are happening NOW!

I love writing to you. This letter took me two days as it had to come through in its own time. Please Know again that, One step is all it takes to reach your next pinnacle of success! Have a good day and Weekend!!

Thank you for being YOU <3