What to Expect From a Psychic Reading

If you have never had a Psychic reading you may have no clue what to expect, or you may have an idea; however, more often than not your concept of what a Psychic reading entails has been falsely shaped thanks to the influence of Hollywood cinema. Before going to a reading, doing your research in order to select the best reader for your needs is key.

Different Psychics will have different areas of expertise. Just as you would not go to your primary care physician for your dental needs, make sure you are picking the right Psychic reader for your specific concerns. Go in with an open heart and mind. Do away with your expectation of what kind of answers and details you expect to receive as Spirit will deliver what is determined in your highest good to know, and not always what you think you want to know. You may have your heart set on knowing when you are going to meet the person you are going to marry however if it is more important to address other areas of your self healing first where blockages are concerned preventing your desire from happening, you may not get all the information in the world about the person you may end up with. There may be other steps that need to be taken first before that energy is able to manifest into your life.

It is also important to know going in, that Psychics do not know all the specifics. Although we can feel and sense energy we cannot read your thoughts or see the images being held in your mind for example, If you are asking what your love interest and another person discuss in private; most would be able to give you a general idea of the feel of the conversations however not the specific details of what was said. Be clear about the questions you truly want answers to and be open and honest about major details which allow for Intuitives to give you the most authenticity in regard to the answers you receive. Far too often clients go into a reading saying they "just want to know whatever we see" so we tell them what we see but the question they truly wanted to ask went unanswered. Be clear and direct about what you want to know. Withholding major details can also cause blockages in how energy is interpreted during a reading. For example, a client asked one of our Intuitive Counselors for information about her "NEXT" job, not disclosing the fact that she had already accepted a job offer a few days prior to the reading. Therefore the reader picked up on the energy of the next job offer that would be coming later on in time instead of the job the client had just accepted because in the energy of Spirit, that job had at that point become current, and was no longer in the place of being the NEXT job. The client felt disappointed with the reading because information about her current job had not been picked up on although she had not officially started it yet. Had she been open with that information she may have received further insight into what she actually wanted to know.

Another important concept to understand is that time frames are not real in the energy of the Universe. Each Psychic Intuitive will receive time frames in their own unique way however as time is a man made concept, so they are not guaranteed. In addition, your choices at any moment could change or alter the time frame moving it closer or pushing it away. Most Psychic Intuitives would be able to give you a general time frame based upon the energy of the situation and if you follow the guidance given in your session the time frame that is most likely may be given. I will give another example, When I do my readings, I will receive a number. If I say I see a 4 time frame, I may tell you Intuitively I feel that represents within 4 weeks, however that 4 may also represent 4 days, 4 months, around the 4th of the month, 4 years, or around April which is the month 4 in a calendar year. As time goes on and the prediction does play out usually around the time frame I felt the most energy around connected to the 4 it will make sense when it plays out however I never recommend getting your heart set on a specific when it comes to time frames.

In a similar sense no prediction in a reading is ever promised, and the most gifted of Psychics will never promise you an outcome, this is due to free will and the choices you may or may not make altering possible outcomes.

Give predictions time to breathe! The worst thing clients do, is overthinking the messages given to them especially when it comes to their predictions. Trying to figure out all the details and exactly what is going to happen from moment to moment can be draining and dangerous to the progress you hope for. Instead take note of what was said and let it just happen! It will all make sense when the time comes, because more often than not it is not what you expected in your mind at the time of your reading. Take your predictions in doses, and by this I mean don't try and jump from reconnecting with someone you haven't spoken to in years to knowing when you will get married. The first step is following the guidance given prior to reconnecting to receive the best results in your highest good and allowing the reconnection to take place first before wondering about the next step as energy may have shifted dramatically between that time gap. Also know that Tarot and Oracle Cards are not magic. It is the gift of the reader that interprets the cards not the cards themselves delivering the message. Through the Law of Attraction the cards that are meant for the client are pulled based upon their energy and the energy of the situation but the cards meaning will continuously change from one case to the next based upon what is felt, seen, or heard. I have done readings with index cards and messages written on them with a sharpie pen and delivered some of the most powerful readings through them. They are simply a visual aid and tool extended through the gifts of the Intuitive.

The final key notes I would like to touch on are the idea of a reader telling you things you already know. I understand for some this may feel disappointing as you may have hoped to find out things you were unaware of, however confirmation of what you already know in a reading is not only great confirmation for yourself that your own intuition is highly accurate but also confirmation that you have an authentic reader helping you, as in most cases prior to you coming to us and asking a question we did not know you or your situation. This is great confirmation for the client. Finally the idea of healing work and removing blockages are most effectively done within yourself. Far too often I hear clients have paid someone else to do energy work and heal them or heal someone close to them and not seen any results. This is because you are the only one that holds the power to make the major changes necessary to heal, protect, or improve your own life. You are the creator of your own destiny. Love and light to all you Vibers!