Insecurities: How an HBO Series Made Me Examine Adulthood


Insecure. I was so against watching the Hit HBO series Insecure because of the name. I mean no one wants to be insecure, no one wants to put on display their short coming and all the messy parts of them. And finally! And show that displays it ALL. Yeah I didn’t want to see it. It wasn’t until a friend urged me to watch and told me I would love it. Apparently he knew better than I did because I absolutely love this show ! Issa Rae did such a fantastic job at relating to black women and black culture in today’s society. The relationship between her, the best friend, the boyfriend, and her white colleagues…priceless! While watching the show I thought, “Wow I have some of these same thoughts sometimes, similar relationship with my girl friends, but insecurities?? Pshhhh! What is that? I CANNOT RELATE. Who has insecurities?! Everyone actually.

The truth of the matter is that we ALL have insecurities men and women whether you want to acknowledge them or not. We may portray them in different ways, and they may be easily seen in certain situations, or we may not show them at all, but every person has or had an insecurity or insecurities.

With this rise of social media it’s so easy to create a facade. It’s so easy to show our most secure selves. Our most happy selves. The part of ourselves that are excelling, creating, and doing every possible fun-filled activity. But, we rarely show our defeat, our doubts, our failures, and our pain. Even if you’ve become an arriviste or are at the apotheosis of your career, business, etc., there was something that you had to overcome to get there. No one pops out the womb with resounding confidence ready to take on the world in their most secure form. Or maybe you did (I highly doubt it)but for the majority of people, confidence and security are things developed over time and you have to make a definite decision to embrace the insecurities, fight them off if they’re damaging to your success, work through them, and continue to develop into your best self. It’s so worth it!

P.S. - Make sure to watch Issa Rae’s Insecure Sundays on HBO!