Insight for Self Realization and Optimal Life Expansion


"In the beginning spirit manifested through vibrations and ancient seers symbolized these vibrations as numbers. Numerology is thus far more than a system of divination-it is a language helping us understand spirit and how it functions through humanity." ~Divyaa Kummar Peace & love to you suga!

Today’s energy is about utilizing the tools on this blessed earth that will assist one in reaching self realization better, for him or herself. In this busy life we tend to lead, so often people search for this inner connection with what is considered self realization for them in a way which can bring about further understanding through reaching for balance, clarity and happiness. We can sum all of this up with one very special word which I love called Abundance!

Abundance is all encompassing, although I feel it is certainly gaining a personal truth for oneself. Even though abundance is everywhere you turn, very often it's not always so easy to visibly see. Nor is it even seen how to gain this mysterious abundance without some introspection. If one could always see how to tune into this abundance that would be the icing on the cake. As it stands no matter the situation - even you personally have absolute access to grasp and to harness abundance in your very own unique way.

Be sure to catch the daily reading for Wednesday is all about seeing the truth, all about feeling what’s there then going with that as you shape and mold this thing called life however you wish! Numerology is helpful for seeing one’s life journey as it highlights where a persons proverbial ‘pot of gold’ is to be found in them. In fact divination as a whole deals with this, which is why I’ve been in so love with divination for a while now quite honestly.

From the time I began to read for myself then for others I noticed there were lesson levels which divination could be measured with. (More on that in a moment though) Let me cut to the nitty gritty here for you.

Another flower blossomed above my head yesterday as I was working. I was just sitting in a popular neat little cafe yesterday evening thinking of my goals for this year in a relaxed fashion. I scrolled up to search for a document, soon I found what I was looking for-while happily discovering again my beloved numerology report as an ebook (PDF) of at least 100 pages in length.

Those of you who have been listening to my stuff for a while know how much I push the envelope of goal setting. You know how serious I am about this even though I tend to be known as a mystical freespirit kinda lady and you might even be one too if you’re here. Alright so be it, I may be a freethinker, spiritual mama but I find that using certain tools assist me with making better decisions or they help me to have a better view of myself along with my strengths as far as my personality is concerned. Getting divination readings has really grounded me. This has helped me to realize that I can create a good life using certain dynamics about myself which really help me to get the ball rolling to go move towards what I want and then some! What is it that has worked for you to understand your path…be sure to comment below and let me know. Even if I can’t respond to all of you I’m going to do my best to. I will certainly read every response so don’t forget to share yours too. Let’s go on…

Last night as I was reviewing my own numerology report again - as I have many times before - I recalled a reading I had with a client whom I had worked with before then. The reading was completed with them, it went well-they had the understanding and insight they were looking for. Then we spoke about what the benefits of getting a numerology report were at that time. I told them that Numerology is very specific; it's a great starting point in divination especially if you enjoy reading like I happen to.

Numerology is a good down to earth starting point, it's an easy going kind of reading to me that clients I’ve worked with seem to like, too. Let me know what resources you have used to chart your goals and lifepath this lifetime. Which ones do you like the most? What’s not working for you anymore? Please leave a comment below with your awesome replies. That being said, What is numerology and why should you know about it? Read the entire article here.