An Interview with Na'Tasha Jones



Truth Intuitions: What led to you becoming health conscious?

Na’Tasha Jones: When I was 8 years old, I spent some time in a wheelchair because of severe knee pain that developed out of nowhere. Doctors couldn’t find the source of the problem and diagnosed me with everything from scoliosis to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis before telling me I’d probably never walk again. The next year, while visiting family in Germany, my mom learned of a doctor nearby that used nontraditional, more holistic methods to test for allergies that caused severe symptoms like what I was experiencing. After so many trials with traditional doctors and no progress, she agreed to try this experimental remedy.

After performing some tests, and having to hold different vials of things in my hands like crystals, etc., Dr. Klein determined that my body was, in fact, attacking itself because of an allergy. He used a bio resonance machine to treat me, which is supposed to take the body's energy waves with the "wrong information" and run them through the machine to “correct” the energy and put it back into my body. The therapy has been viewed as controversial, but we were willing to try anything at that point, and it helped.

It seems crazy now looking back at it all, but somehow that procedure was able to uncover and basically cure the allergy affecting my knees. This experience has made me have to be more conscious growing up about self-care and things that affect my health.

Truth Intuitions: What led you to create the ‘I’d Rather Be Eating’ blog?

NJ: Later, after having received therapy, it was hard for me to get back into physical activities because I still wasn’t at the level of my fellow classmates to perform sports, etc. As I got older, though, I got more interested in fitness for aesthetics and looks, and inadvertently found that I also liked how it made me feel. It did a lot to strengthen certain functions, and I became excited realizing I could heal through exercise. Finding what worked for me inspired me to become passionate about health and fitness. I majored in journalism in college and love to write.I love to talk about food and struggling to stay fit, and the many tips and tricks I’ve figured out, so it was a natural fit for me to combine my experience with my love of writing to share and help others.

Truth Intuitions: What’s your personal truth?

NJ: There’s a German quote from Goethe that I really love which says, “Strive for the impossible.” Why not? Stop telling yourself you can’t do it before you even try.

Truth Intuitions: What advice would you kick to the 18-year-old you?

NJ: Stop chasing boys! *laughs* No, but really, I would tell the 18-year old me to focus on me. Other people are focusing on themselves, so you need to do the same. I let relationships—not just romantic ones, but with people in general—hold me back. I could’ve gotten ahead a lot faster by making my own interests a priority.



Truth Intuitions: Of what are you most afraid?

NJ: Never paying off my student loans! *laughs* No, but my fear is getting stuck in a rut and not doing 100 percent of what I want to do. Living in regret because I didn’t live my fullest life because it appeared out of reach.

Truth Intuitions: What’s your spirit animal?

NJ: Grumpy Cat! When I wake up, that’s what I look like.

Truth Intuitions: Even health gurus have vices. What’s your favorite comfort food?

NJ: It’s not one thing, it’s 15 things! But chips & salsa, I can’t not eat it. I won’t have just one chip from a Tostitos bag--I’ll eat the whole bag. Also, anything carbs. Bread, cheese, all of it.

Truth Intuitions: Any last words?

NJ: Don’t do something for the wrong reasons. I initially got into exercise for the aesthetic benefits—to look good. But when you go deeper and realize the ways it can truly help alleviate stress and improve mental health and more, then you appreciate its true power. Doing something for reasons that are more impactful and less superficial makes it more meaningful and lasting.




Na’Tasha is the creator of the food, fitness and fun blog, I’d Rather Be Eating, where she shares tips for healthy living for those with healthy appetites. When she’s not eating or complaining about going to the gym, she loves to travel, write, and consult on creative content and social marketing. Follow Na’Tasha on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat using her handle @RatherBeEating.