Your Life Path Number


Numerology helped me to see that the universe had something deeper it could share with me. I was meditating, analyzing, pondering, then researching data on various interesting topics both high and low as a #7 Life path tends to do. I studied it so hard when I found out about numerology a while ago. Straight fell in love. Let me tell you how it can help you though. Once I learned of the Lifepath number I felt such a passion about it! I needed to know more. You know how it is when you just feel compelled about getting to know a thing…

Once I found more information about myself in a numerology report then with a numerologist- then I was convinced that only my own research with others would do for me to see just how well numerology transferred over into other people’s lives as a whole.

Almost instantly, I had to see this Life path number stuff playing out in the background. When I found out my life path number, life became easier to see, to make sense of. All I wanted to know was more about my purpose in life. If you’re looking to find the potential of what you can do, the life path number can definitely show you that in simple terms.

Through Numerology I really can say I found another huge piece of who I am as Sereda who is this physical body. Numerology is quite easy to calculate too which made me like the central number known as the life path or destiny number that much more. For once numbers were my friend. They really fascinated me at that point.

The Life Path number is easy to make out because you don’t have to have the coding to break down the letters as you do with the other personality numbers. This vital detail is still no less value in what it has to offer to you. There is a sparkling bit of insight that comes with adding numbers in numerology.

Once you read what each single digit means for you personally then it gets pretty interesting to say the least. You will come to a rich understanding quite naturally once you know how to unlock the birthday numbers truths. The world is deeper than it seems on all levels. Numerology is a reminder of this reality.

To see how life path numbers are calculated you can take a moment to practice. To calculate your own life path number you would need to reduce your month, day and year of your birthday to start. For example let’s say your birthday is (2/4/1960).

Next you would want to break that very same birthday down to a single digit number. Although it’s important to note this point too- There are a such thing as Master Numbers in numerology which would come up as a double digit number. So sometimes you will not break a number down further if it comes up as a master number once you add all the numbers together in the birthday. A master number may come up so just keep that in mind.

To start the process of finding out what your life path number is, You do this by adding each number together from our example birthday above, one by one like this: (2+4+1+9+6+0=22). Next you would begin to reduce the numbers by taking them down further. You do this unless the number that comes up for you after reducing the birthday number is a master number like 11, 22, 33, -these are the master numbers.

At times you will have to reduce the final number once again if its a double digit number that is Not a master number. So, after you reduce your birthday numbers to get the final digit or digits then you have your life path number. Which in this case is a master number 22 from the birthday we used as an example above.

Numerology is pretty mind blowing once you read what is said about each number and how that number relates to, summaries or defines your personality. Once I saw what my life path number was, I knew I would most likely love numerology for life. Not long after that was when I started practicing doing many of my friends, family and clients numerology reports for them. I began doing each report by hand too. I researched and then interviewed lots of people to check my findings accuracy. What i found truly assisted people in understanding their life from a new perspective.

Finding out more about themselves happened to be a rich learning experience. It was then that I began doing more numerology reports for more couples and others too. wonderful numerology software that The reports are said to be very accurate reports. I use these reports each year, each month to see what it says (even for me) and its always on point .

I feel this is highly significant what Decoz says here: The Life Path number gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Your Life Path number is the single most important information available in your Personality. ”

Here is a quick summary of the numerology life path numbers we’ll dive each of them further a little later:

Numerology number 1- The diplomat

Numerology number 2- The helper

Numerology number 3- The creative

Numerology number 4- The stabilizer

Numerology number 5- The observer

Numerology number 6- The supporter

Numerology number 7- The seeker of truth

Numerology number 8- The manager

Numerology number 9- The dreamer

Numerology Master Number 11- The intuitive

Numerology Master Number 22- The wise builder

Numerology Master Number 33- The teacher

Soon we’ll dive deeper into what these numbers may mean on a soul and personality level for you. Keep in mind that we are all made of several numbers though. In numerology, there are many other types of number definitions. However we started with the life path number since it’s The most important one. It’s like the root of all the others. If you are interested in ordering your own numerology report there is a special sale until this coming Sunday to discount the price for you. Find out more: here.

What’s your experience been with numerology? There’s plenty that can be added to this. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.