How Natural Remedies Changed My Life

In addition to being emotionally and spiritually sensitive, I’ve always found that I’m physically sensitive as well.  Nearly everything I ingest or my skin encounters, threatens to end me forever.  Even though I’m well aware of my numerous allergies and negative environmental interactions, it wasn’t until a recent bout of particularly nasty indigestion, that I returned to my roots of natural remedies and since, I’ve found that my body is at peace. The indigestion started shortly after a super spicy, highly-acidic meal, that I should have known better than to eat, and continued nearly all night. My husband asked me several times what he could do for me. But I continued to pop antacids, refusing his help. Finally, unable to watch my discomfort any longer, he brewed me some tea. Just a few minutes after drinking the tea I felt better, not just better, I felt great. Had he brewed some secret magical elixir? No, he simply made me some peppermint tea.

It was then that I recalled how my mom, a registered nurse, often used Mother Earth to heal all that ailed me as a child. If I had a tummy ache, it was mint and ginger. If my eczema was acting up, it was oatmeal or tar baths.

It is since this harrowing bout of indigestion that I’ve chosen to use natural remedies where possible and plausible. I’m in no way suggesting that professional medical advice, or prescribed or over the counter medicine isn’t operative. There are some things that can’t be cured by rubbing aloe on it. And it is also very possible to be allergic to things found in nature. But in my opinion, I’ve found many natural remedies to be both very useful and less taxing on my body.

Here are a few remedies that I’ve personally tried and found to be effective:

  • Aloe: eases burns, bites and rashes

  • Chamomile: insomnia

  • Citrus Fruits/Vitamin C: immunity boost & high in fiber

  • Echinacea: immunity boost, constipation relief, fights infection

  • Garlic: immunity boost, reduces cough

  • Ginger: nausea, indigestion, upset stomach

  • Himalayan Salt (Ingested): detoxification and improved hydration

  • Himalayan Salt (Lamp Therapy): improving lung function, eczema, reducing asthma, seasonal allergies, and coughing and congestion

  • Oatmeal: soothes dry, itchy skin

  • Peppermint: reduces cold symptoms and nausea, indigestion, upset stomach

  • Polytar (pine tar/coal tar/cade oil): eradicates dandruff (when used as a shampoo) and alleviates dry itchy skin (when used as a soap or bath wash)

  • Tea Tree Oil: diminishes keloids and scars and eases bites and stings

Always remember when applying any type of healing method, whether it be man-made or hails from mother nature, always be aware of your own allergies as well as any interactions of what you’re ingesting.

Happy healthing!

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Photo by Cole Hutson