Truth in 5 Interview: Life Coach Brittany

An interview with Life Coach Brittany Garth of Dimensioned Wellness

What does community mean to you?

There are different types of communities that add value to your life in different ways.You may have your go-to people who support and encourage you along the way.They can serve to inspire or motivate you along your journey.Then there is the importance of your business or career community.They are people of like mind, who may be tending to the same mission, and carry similar professional goals.Finally, because of this technology driven society we live in, we cannot forget about the online community and the impact of social media.All three can be impactful and provide diverse perspectives.

What is your most valuable mistake?

Definitely being impatient with myself!Early on, this lack of patience also affected my partnerships.When we start a business, we want it to be great.We may hold a specific vision of how everything should unfold.We try to replicate what is in our minds, but oftentimes, there is a much larger plan in store for our lives.I learned to be more open and flexible.I believe in God and understand that while I may have a plan for my life, God often delivers blessings bigger than I ever envisioned for myself.


What really moves your spirit?

Music! I really love how it positively affects my life.I enjoy all types; chakra healing music, gospel music, Beyonce--it all really moves me!I love to teach others about music too. It’s always been a major part of my life and a source of joy.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment was being engaged and then having to turn around and share with friends and family that it was no longer happening.Having to express that what you’ve built with someone was now broken was hard.Women have so much pressure placed on us by society to have great careers, to marry and to bear children.When we think we’ve failed at one, it can feel like a major let down.I realized though, that all things happen for a reason.That blessing led me to my amazing boyfriend now!

What would you tell 21 year old you?

Live a little!In college, I worked hard and juggled jobs and internships.I did not make time to simply enjoy life. When you’re 21, you should let your hair down, explore and meet new people. When you get older, carving out a social life or free time becomes more challenging.There are sacrifices you must make to move ahead.I would tell 21 year-old me to relax girl, have some fun!


Brief bio:

Life Coach Brittany is an international certified women empowerment life coach, owner of Dimensioned Wellness, founder of The DW Life Coach Network and international motivational speaker. Brittany is a TEDx speaker and has over 10 years of experience in the field of clinical based mental health and therapy in addition to community based counseling for women and children in low income communities. Brittany is a writer for the Huffington Post, a radio personality for a women’s talk show and has been featured nationally and internationally as a leading life coach for women in Essence Magazine, MTV, CBS and other major media outlets.In March of 2016, Coach Brittany became an author of a self-improvement book for millennial women titled, Dear Pinq.