Truth in 5: Portia's Table


This week, the Truth Intuitions team sat down with Portia Hunt of Portia’s Table. A woman of many talents, Portia swaps out her chef’s hat to serve as Senior Associate in the Economist Intelligent Unit at LINC LLC. She shares with us her insight on life balance, compassion, her spirit animal and more! Here’s Truth in 5... TI: What’s your end goal in the realm of culinary arts?

Portia: I love cooking, but it is not my only passion. I had to learn that it is okay if you don’t pick one lane and stick with it forever. I believe in changing and evolving. I’ve been asked before if I would quit my day job and cook full-time and I said No! While it was awesome to to make it through several rounds of casting for Master Chef Season 8, I knew the producers were looking for someone who made cooking their entire life. I believe you don’t always have to monetize your passion, because that type of pressure can end up working against you. You don’t have to have a destination for your pursuit, just enjoy it. If your brain decides on a different direction, take it.

TI: What are your personal truths?

Portia: My mom played an important role in helping me realize my personal truth. She would engage with people despite not agreeing with them. My mom believed being open to the opposition, would eventually inspire change within them. When I expressed my surprise at her dedication to this seemingly pointless pursuit, she would simply say “people grow.” This commitment to transformation and non-judgment is so important to me.

In the spirit of transformation, I also believe that we must allow ourselves to go where our personal truths take us. Instead of boxing ourselves in, we must be open to balancing a few different passions and changing direction if needed. Realizing along the way that even something we are passionate about won’t be fun all of the time, and that’s okay. When I met Muhammad Ali, he spoke about various things, but the statement that really stuck was “I did not want to train, I hated every minute of it.” Even the things we love, will require parts that we don’t.

TI: What does spirituality mean to you?

Portia: To me, spirituality means focusing less on self-esteem and creating more self-compassion. We tend to be so critical on ourselves. Instead, we should observe without judgment. Don’t get upset with yourself. Save the energy—your Prana or life force—for more productive activities. Building the best relationship possible with ourselves improves the way we interact with others.

TI: What is your favorite comfort food?

Portia: Pizza! I love pizza. My last one was topped with green peppers, mushrooms and pepperonis. That and Netflix made for a relaxing night!

TI: What is your Spirit Animal?

Portia: My Spirit Animal is something very hyperactive that completely crashes after intensely racing around, so I guess a Lemur!