Breaking Karmic Contracts

If you have ever felt a strong connection with someone that cannot be explained, one in which you can feel the energy of that person even when long periods of time or distance have passed, chances are you are connected to a Soul Mate. This is someone  you have shared a past lifetime with and have made a Karmic agreement to reconnect in this lifetime. This connection may be made from a place of eternal love or to teach a lesson which aids you in your spiritual evolution. If you are involved in a Soul Mate connection to learn a lesson in order to advance your spiritual progress and growth, most likely you may have ended up in a bond with someone that hurts you mentally, emotionally, and in some cases physically, yet still have trouble letting go. After long periods of repeated cycles with your Karmic connection you may have finally learned the lesson that the relationship has become toxic and no longer serves you or your highest path. If you are like me, you may have finally realized that you deserve healthy, balanced love and energy and wish to free yourself.  Although this insight may have made its way to you, the other person on the other side of the contract may still have the ability to project their energy upon you. If this is the case, you may desire to break the Karmic contract and no longer be bonded to someone who cannot be what you need now in this lifetime.

I spent 10 years in an on again off again "situationship" in a codependent, empathic & sociopathic karmic bond. As my spiritual evolution continued, I realized the connection was not right. However, I still found it hard to let go. I asked the obstacles be removed that prevented me from seeing the entire TRUTH and the TRUTH was then revealed (ask and it is given!). The issue, however, was that because I am an Empath whenever I was in this individuals thoughts I would sense his energy or be reminded of signs and synchronicities connected with him almost as if his spirit was trying to keep me from forgetting him. Although I now am able to thank the Universe for the lessons learned from the experience, I no longer wished to feel his energy on any level.

If this is you as well, simply be thankful that you now realize the lesson and the growth from the relationship but you no longer require to repeat the same cycle or lesson. If you wish to break the Karmic Agreement you have with one of your Soul Mates who still projects their energy upon you, here are a few steps that may aid you in releasing your Karmic Past. Please be sure to cleanse all objects used during ceremony with Sage smoke or incense prior to starting.

Step One:

Pick a day that will serve you energetically. I chose Friday ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is energetically connected to matters of the heart. Monday may also serve as a great day for doing this kind of energy work as Monday is ruled by the Moon and the Moon may help release energy of the past and promote cleansing/healing.

Step Two:

Write your petition. Write your petition to the higher power, your guides, and your ancestors to release you from the Karmic Bond which you share with your Soul Mate. Be detailed as to all that you have learned from the connection and all that you wish to experience moving forward now that you are ending the contract.

Step Three:

Choose a candle. I chose a black and red candle. Black to release the negative energy and red to draw in new love and strength moving forward. Black and Pink may work as well.

Step Four:

Crystals and Incense may aid in the energy of the cleansing although not required. I used Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz, similar to the candles chosen. The Black Tourmaline releases and protects from negative energy and Rose Quartz promotes self love and new love. I burned White Sage incense throughout the ceremony to promote harmonious healing.

Step Five:

Offering a gift of gratitude. I chose pink roses for Venus as the color pink promotes love and energetically vibes with Venus. Choose what feels right to you and relates to the guides helping you during the process.

Last Step:

Read your petition out loud or silently while programming and setting your intentions with your candle by following these steps explained here.

Once complete release, trust the process and LET GO!

Photo by Will Oey.