Up Your Netflix Game: A Guide for Your Spirit


Embarking on a spiritual journey in the age of Uber Eats, Instagram and Hulu can seem unfathomable.  How am I supposed to eat right when chicken and waffles can come to me?  How can I meditate when I just found the dopest Spotify playlist!?  Well, while going cold on all of life’s superficial luxuries at once may be a huge request, we at least want to suggest this: If you’re addicted to Netflix and Chill, at least up your programming game. 

To make this experience easier for you (we know Googling yourself can be oh so stressful), I’ve compiled a list of what I deem to be “woke” programming that presents a “something more” dynamic to the way we perceive life and what it’s all about.  Hey, there’s still Hollywood sprinkled throughout these series, but at least they spark the imagination in a way that prompts deeper questions.  Take a look…

Stranger Things

If you loved ET, give Stranger Things a go. This series does an awesome (and suspenseful) job presenting a sci-fi script in a really believable way. The story follows a family and neighborhood friends as they attempt to enter another dimension to save a lost boy.  Set in a small town in the 80s, a child disappears after a weird sequence of events.  Winona Ryder plays a dedicated and courageous mother who confronts what most would fear.  Shady government activity and a violent otherworldly being come together to flip an otherwise peaceful community upside down.

The Magicians

Super powers and spells are commonplace in this exciting take on a modern day magical university  (Moguls need not apply).  The Magicians is a series created for those...mature...Harry Potter fans, as students appear to be in their 20s.  This secret academy illuminates the power of imagination and disregards the notion of make-believe.  Will you stand in your truth or allow the external world to overcome you?

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

As the title suggest, this doc is all about reassessing what really matters in life.  Purging themselves of excessive consumerism and establishing a happier existence led Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus on a cross-country book tour to inspire the masses.  Various practitioners of minimalism are interviewed and share anecdotes of the benefits of a life of less.  I’ve written about the 7 benefits of the minimalist trend here.

Altered Carbon

This series will soon premiere on Netflix and is based on Richard Morgan’s award-winning sci-fi novel of the same name.  The story is set in the 25th century.  During this era, the human mind has been digitized.  Souls can be transferred from body to body.  Death is almost unheard of due to technological advances.  The plot is centered around a former interstellar warrior who was imprisoned for 500 years.  He’s been downloaded into the future in order to change the course of events.

The OA

This series is by far my favorite on the list.  I applaud the writers for including so many mystical and esoteric themes throughout.  The OA is centered around the inexplicable reappearance of a young woman name Prairie.  Missing for seven years, the story highlights the childhood tragedy that led to her blindness and adoptive parents.   Her homecoming definitely has an eerie feel to it.  Prairie narrates memories of her kidnapping and time held as a prisoner.   Her captor used Prairie and others in an experiment that uncovered super-natural abilities brought on by near death experiences. 


This series starts out a bit dark and intense as it highlights tragic confrontations that lead to death. But stick with Travelers as it shows us an era, centuries ahead, in which surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time.  Attempting to save humanity from itself, this consciousness is planted back into 21st century mankind, in hopes that we will live life differently.