Are You an Empath?


Have you ever had people tell you things "they never told anyone else before" because they felt comfortable with you? Or you found yourself feeling fatigue after listening to someone talk to you about their problems? Perhaps you walked into a room before and were hit with a wave of negative energy? Well, if any of these sound familiar to you, then you might just be an empath.

We all come across people in our lives that drain us or give us a bad vibe and we can't exactly pin point the cause of it. This is usually because these people aren't energetically compatible with us.

I always happen to feel this way the most when my friends dump their problems on me. They feel comfortable enough to tell me their deepest secrets and without making judgement, I store it with me and hold onto it for life. Sometimes, my friends aren’t even aware that they send some sort of energy out to me, but it's natural to me because I am empath, myself.


An empath is a gifted person who can intuitively apprehend the emotions, emotional states, energies, surroundings, or even the pain and sufferings of an individual, place or animal. Some empath's are mislabeled as "highly sensitive people", bi-polar, or psychics because of their ability, but what others don't realize is that 20% of the population are predisposed to being empathic so their aptitude is more normal than we think.

The only difference an empath has opposed to the average person is that they have a heightened sensitivity to subtle stimuli, which is where their ability becomes bittersweet. The great thing about empaths is that they flourish in calm, loving, and peaceful environments, giving them the chance to use their sensitivity to promote healing and understanding for others.

The downside to being an empath is that things can become extremely challenging, especially in times of global chaos or directly interacting with someone who's emotionally unstable. Empathic individuals are known to absorb the energy from others deeply and sometimes too quickly. When this happens, it's possible that it can trigger serious health issues for them, such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and weight gain.

What may seem like a regular day to others, is actually overwhelming to an empath because they're basically "carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders" by walking around with all the accumulated energy and emotions from others.


TURN YOUR BODY AWAY FROM THE PERSON I know this sounds a bit rude because it's preferable to have eye contact when interacting in a conversation with someone, but turning your body sideways prevents direct contact with the other person's energy.

SHUNI MUDRA Shuni Mudra is a hand gesture (your thumb touching the tip of your middle finger) known as the seal of patience. It ensures that energy cycles throughout the body while shielding other energy from entering, such as negative ones. When it comes to being more understanding to another person's energy, the Shuni Mudra helps you stay focused and present while also bringing stability during any situation that may be throwing your mood into a different direction.

GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE This could be a place of worship, like your altar, or anything to make you feel connected to the divine (yoga, meditation, praying, etc). I normally like to do yoga, take an epsom salt bath, or sit in complete silence. But if you're not able to do any of those, try to prepare yourself ahead of time. Sometimes I keep certain crystals on me (Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, or Selenite) and wear my aromatherapy necklace to avoid my energy from being drained.

RESPOND WITHOUT REACTING The best way to keep your energy protected is to just be a listener. I know it sounds a bit "odd" to do this because most people expect an interactive conversation when conversing about their issues. But remember, you dont always have to plug yourself into someone's energy to get a deeper understanding. Just simply respond and let your energy will be sent to them. If you react by plugging yourself to their issues or try to solve their problems, then you'll end up engaging with more of their energy than you expected.

USE SMUDGE STICKS Using a smudge stick is very beneficial when it comes to protecting your energy because the smoke is known to clear unwanted vibes. The flow of the smoke tells you how effective the ritual is working for you and how much of your energy is under attack. If the area is heavy with negativity, the smoke will flow upward in a long, thin line. If the smoke begins to drift throughout the area, that means the area has been cleansed and the negative energy is cleared away. *TIP: smudge yourself regularly to release other people's energy.


CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY: Be around friends that will take into consideration of you absorbing other's emotions.


KNOW YOURSELF: Knowing what overwhelms you or when you need time to decompress will make being an empath less of a headache.

SET BOUNDARIES: Set a boundary in knowing what you're going to allow your energy to be sent out to because everything doesn't require your full energy.

ALIGN YOUR ROOT CHAKRA: Aligning your root chakra will help send the unwanted energy into the earth where it's absorbed and draw up positive energy from the center of the earth, increasing your energetic flow.

CHANT POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Repeating positive affirmations helps bring you back to light after dealing with negativity.

TAKE TIME OFF FOR YOURSELF: Make yourself a high priority. Spend time to regroup, even if it's 15-30 minutes only.


- Black Tourmaline - Titanium Aura - Hematite

What are some of the ways you protect your energy?

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