Light is Coming Through


There are people in dark places, dark spaces. These have been comfort zones for them. So while they are not actually comfortable in these places it is what they know and has it’s own securities for them.

Light is coming through. To many.

The light is always stronger than any darkness can ever be. It will fill the dark spaces, shine on the tops of heads, on faces, into eyes and colour souls. Many will emerge from the dark places and find their way to walking in the light.

Sometimes events happen in bundles affecting groups of people. These are times for awakenings on larger scales and now is one such time. Remember to have trust, hope and vision for all manner of things positive and wondrous. Miracles exist as you know.

Life springs forth for many who part-slumbered in the shadows and this brings healing to many. Healing to those around them, those with soul connections and those they have not yet met, but will encounter in the future. There is no such thing as bad people. What one might find difficult another deals with easily. Allow for difference. Allow for different stages of slumber and awakenings for those around you, in your life now, whether permanent or not.

Hold the light up as one would a lantern but do no speak. Do not tell others how to be or what to do.

Listen, observe and focus on understanding matters with a compassionate heart. Allow others to be, simply be.

There are no rights or wrongs on your planet. There is diversity, difference, change, transformation, struggle, wisdom, love, light, darkness, haste and fear. Live with your own light burning bright for that is all you ever can do. You can not change another, it is not your role.

Your wisdom is something that you have earned and learned. Allow others the same freedom and respect to earn and learn theirs.

They are not broken. They are waking up. Hold the lantern high but keep those lips pressed tight.