Distract & Attract: The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams


The best way to attract your deepest desires is to ignore them completely.  Sounds counterintuitive right?  But with the application of this approach, you will discover more and more how easily your dreams become reality.  But why?  Why does neglecting the very thing we hold so dearly to us bring us closer to it?  The answer is simple: we get out of God’s way.  By pulling back our burden of worry, doubt, anxiety and fear, we declutter the path of manifestation.  The energy of creation can now flow freely through the Universe without resistance. 

Imagine a chef cooking a meal you have requested.  Each time he begins stirring the pot or seasoning the meat, you hover.  You complain about whether that spice was needed.  You worry that the oven is set too high. You anxiously pace about the kitchen, knocking things over clumsily.  The chef would get pretty fed up, right?  He may take a moment to try to calm you. Maybe he’d offer a taste so you could preview the deliciousness that was to be had.  This process of reassurance slows down his time cooking.  You have interfered with the momentum of creation.

The Universe operates in the same manner.  Allow God to create and deliver your order without your involvement.  Trust that the “indicators of deliciousness” God provides along the way are previews of a larger, more impactful experience to come.  Get excited instead of fearful. Allow enthusiasm to take your imagination to higher levels of expectancy.

While outside of the kitchen, waiting for Universe to provide our ideal mate, perfect job, new car, or vacation, enjoy the distractions life has to offer.  Live in a  state of gratitude noticing how much the world has provided you with thus far.   Take note of all of the previous requests you’ve given to the Universe and how seamlessly the results came together.  Work on being the best version of you!  Enhance your confidence, happiness, faith, and compassion.  Reconnect with your ability to be so in love with the being you are that you turn blind to lack or scarcity. 

As humans, we have a bad track record of believing that once we attain something outwardly, that inwardly we will become more fulfilled.  This has been proven time and time again to be a short-lived state of reprieve.  We operate as walking abysses, constantly wanting more or better.  Knowing this, we are able to adjust our recipe for living.  Align with the feeling of self-love in order to attract someone who can love you too.  Feel a sense of worthiness before connecting with a company that sees your value.  Embrace a state of freedom before affording a vacation.  The emotion comes first! The physical blessing, being, or experience will follow.  It is law. 

Distract yourself by focusing on this moment and your role in it.  Allow the details of all of the how’s, when’s and where’s to be fleshed out by a presence much more knowing that we could ever imagine.  Trust in a Source greater than a limited, doubtful perspective and enjoy your journey as much as your destination.