Why You Need Nuummite a.k.a The Sorcerer's Stone


The benefits of crystals and gemstones are well documented and well known. They’ve been used for centuries and utilizing them will help with just about any ailment, issue or blockage in your life. But people who are empaths, light workers, healers and spiritual or psychic consultants require special care and therefore the energy of special stones. Empaths are particularly vulnerable due to being psychic sponges which causes them to carry not only their own burdens but the emotional and spiritual burdens of others. Healers including reiki and massage therapists or any practitioner who has to place their hands on the body of another are also at risk of having the adverse energy of their clients transferred to their own energetic fields which can wreak havoc throughout their own systems. Psychics and spiritual consultants who spend their day listening to and trying to resolve the challenges that their clients face are also subject to their spiritual systems being compromised by hearing so much bad news and taking on the cords and adverse energies that comes with it. After all, happy people do not typically engage psychics and spiritual consultants. These are people with real issues looking for real help and the counselor may end the day feeling and carrying the full brunt of emotional baggage that their clients have left them with. This can cause a full breakdown of the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, etheric, astral, auric and chakra systems.

Considering that these practitioner’s face these risks on a daily basis compounds the amount of damage being done. While many of these workers do utilize their training to help mitigate the damage and heal themselves, there are others that do not and can end up feeling so drained and bogged down with adverse energies that just getting out of bed can become a real project. Strong self-care for those dedicated to helping others is a must and one of the best stones to help restore the harmonious flow of energy throughout the energetic and spiritual systems is the mighty stone nuummite.

Nuummite is also known as the sorcerer’s or magician’s stone and rightfully so. Over three billion years old, nuummite carries energies that elevate your frequency, increases your psychic and magical abilities while aligning the body mind and spirit, strengthening the auric field and protecting you from the adverse energies being projected at you as you work to help and heal others.

It also helps you to have a clear vision of who you truly are, a divine being sent to earth to be of service and assist others in their spiritual evolution and will help you to master your healing and psychic gifts as well as helping to release spiritual pollutants and stagnant energies to enhance your personal power. It balances your spiritual and physical energies to help keep you centered and at peace as well as casting a shield of protection around you to keep adverse energies at bay.

As with any stone, one of the most important things to do is to program it with your needs. Stones that do many things may not know exactly what you want from them so you must tell them what to do. First, as with any new stone or jewelry, clear it of any energy that it may hold from other people who have handled it. Hold it in your hand and say, “I cleanse you of all adverse energies and send them into the Light to be healed, recycled and resolved. I now bring down the Divine White Light from the Sacred Source of All Well Being and restore you first to purity, then peace, protection from adverse energies and power for my works. Thank you.”

Now program it by holding it in your hands and saying, “I invoke and evoke, request and accept all of your wonderful, positive, powerful properties, gifts, blessings and protections including but not limited to that you heal, balance and strengthen me on all levels of my being, that you keep me clear and focused and enhance my spiritual gifts and inner power. Please also protect me from all adverse energies and keep me in an energetic space that promotes peace, good health and the happiness that comes from being of good service to others and myself. Thank you.” You can use your own words and ask for just one, some or all of the blessings that come from this wonderful stone. You have been so good to others, treat yourself to the stone that was Universally designed just for you.

Namaste and blessed be always ♥