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Hello Vibers is a community built by Truth Intuitions to expand on our own knowledge and gifts through connections with other spiritually open individuals. We can all learn from each others’ journey and soul lessons experienced. It is our hope that HelloVibers is where you get answers to your burning questions, where you meet people who know exactly how you feel, and where you find your own power of self healing and manifesting your dream life.


Make new connections with like-minded and like-spirited individuals from all over the world. It’s amazing what you can have in common with someone you have never met.


Share your knowledge, experiences, lessons learned, or random questions. Was anyone else feeling the last retrograde? Are you a new soul or an old soul? Oh, we’re here for memes, too!


Do you have insight on the new moon approaching? Want a quick lesson on crystal healing or chakra work? Help someone expand or let someone else broaden your perspective.

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Truth Intuitions is dedicated to growth and awareness fostered by community. We warmly welcome Truth blog contributions from guest writers. To apply, please review the guidelines below:

1. We accept blog articles that are encouraging and/or thought provoking.  Topics of interest include: travel, philosophy, interviews, spirituality, yoga, healthy living and recipes, meditation, esoteric knowledge, Universal Laws (ie. Law of Attraction) or a topic approved by our Editor.

2. Be authentic! All submissions must be an original content (that means written by you).

3. Once a piece is submitted, Truth Intuitions retains the right to edit works if needed.

4. Please submit a suggested title and any pictures relevant to your blog post.

5. Keep blog articles between 400-800 words, unless it is a travel piece with ample pictures or an interview.

6. If selected, our Editor will contact you and request the following: a signed content release form, email, a headshot and short biography for your profile.

8. By submitting an article to us, you are granting Truth Intuitions, LLC permission to use it on our website ( and on our social media pages.

9. Please send your submissions or pitches to: [email protected]

  • Christine Dart

    Christine Dart

    A proponent of taking risks, embracing change, and trusting intuition, Christine pushes people to forget the path well-traveled and blaze a new one. She owns a marketing consulting company that gives her the freedom to work from anywhere and encourages others to set their dream life up too. Her website is

  • Davida P. Jones

    Davida P. Jones

    Davida P. Jones is a inspirational speaker and author of "Manifesting Your Reality." She uses past failures, relatable experiences, and self improvement techniques to inspire those who struggle with love, trust, and positive thinking. Davida hopes through prayer, meditation, and promoting her self-help book will encourage men and women from all ages and ethnicities to release staggering limitations and old bad habits to start living the life they always dreamed.

  • Keshia Harvin

    Keshia Harvin

    Keshia is a mom blogger who writes about her spiritual journey towards living more mindfully and manifesting intuitive connections. She is also a yoga enthusiast and supporter of healing the mind, body, and soul through holistic rituals. As writer and founder of, Keshia's mission is to encourage self-improvement with the idea of sustaining a growth mindset and promote her advocacy for maintaining high vibrational energy on a daily basis. One of her inspirational quotes that you'll always hear her reassure anyone looking to change their lifestyle into something more positive is to "Seek peace, Speak peace, and Be peace". Namaste.

  • Krystal Paige

    Krystal Paige is a Mind Body Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur who helps young professionals and creative artists make the transition from a state of confusion and uncertainty about their life’s direction to one of clarity, confidence, and success. Krystal Paige focuses her coaching on the Mind Body Feedback Loop, wherein one’s mind, attitude, belief systems and subsequent behavior, directly dictate the state and internal environments of the body. As an actress, writer and media producer, Krystal’s specialty is for helping her clients and students “re-write” the story of their lives.

  • Lo Brewer

    Lo Brewer is a writer and crafter who strives to create every single day. Her experiences influence both of her passions and she hopes that what she produces can be of both comfort and use to others. Shop her Home Brewed Love creations in our Truth Shop and on Etsy.

  • Muriana Marie

    Muriana Marie

    Muriana Marie is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, FoodCorps DC candidate, a Certified Holistic Nutrition candidate and a professional Natural Hairstylist for over 5 years with backgrounds in holistic health, creative direction and beauty. Her passion is teaching others about sustainability through self-preservation techniques in which she focuses on healing 'underserved communities' i.e. Women,Women of Color,Urban Youth, and LGBTQIA people of color.

  • Niambi Brewer

    Niambi Brewer

    Hi. I'm Niambi and I decided to go to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology. I did not make this decision lightly, and I was fully aware that this would be a challenging period of growth. However, being fully aware of the challenges ahead does nothing for actually getting through them. I write so that others going through this process know that they are not alone and are not forging new grounds. Hopefully, I make it easier for someone else like me.

  • Rachel Jones

    Nurse by day. Writer by night. I love expressing and sharing my ideas through my writing. I focus on topics that I have experienced myself in hopes of giving others a new perspective on this thing called life. I believe that the energy you put out is exactly what you'll get back, so in my life, my work, and my writing I focus on exerting good energy. Despite the bad times, we must focus on the good. Cheers to life!

  • Rhonda Harris-Choudhry

    Rhonda Harris-Choudhry

    Psychic & Light Work Training Expert Rhonda Harris-Choudhry has been utilizing her psychic gifts since she was a teenager. She is a Goddess High Priestess and manifestation expert. Rhonda has made it her mission to empower people, particularly empaths by teaching them about their innate gifts and how to use them effectively to improve their health, life and happiness. She offers psychic readings and spiritual counseling as well as advanced psychic and healing training to practicing Light Workers and Metaphysicians. She also helps beginners to pin point and enhance their abilities as well as helping seasoned Light Workers to hone their skills.

  • Sereda Dailey

    Sereda Aleta Dailey is known by friends, fans and seekers by her main spiritual guides title: Sahyofeya, which means 'Great Mother' and is also her higher self which she channels daily. She was born in December in Salinas, California. She walks the path of her ancestors as a healer. An intuitive reader, channel, student of the universe- Sereda, is a writer and healer that has been known to be a spiritual, metaphysical researcher plus enthusiast for decades. She has published several noteworthy books, videos and articles online. She is the founder of Naturally High and . In her spare time she practices cultivating peace and joy in living good. A great sense of humor, she makes time to laugh plenty. She plays with paint to create channeled mixed media art work too. Often creating art and adoring nature. She's proudly a part of a big family that she loves dearly! She currently lives in Atlanta, GA currently working on another book, along with an oracle deck.

  • Sin


    I download Light. In short, I tap into the Divine, the Universe, Source, the Light (or however you prefer to name it) and channel readings for myself and others. Sometimes the ones that are for me are simply that. At times the messages are more universal. I have not really known how to share these. Yet I am aware that they need to be available to whom ever they resonate with. I welcome you to this space I have created to share the light. May you in turn share the ideas that come to you and transform this world a step closer to what it will be.