The Truth Decks ♡ Berry

The Truth Decks ♡ Berry

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In The Truth Decks, you’ll find one hundred straight forward cards handwritten with love for your oracle readings. Glossy and matte versions available. 

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About the Deck

It is with great excitement that we introduce to you Truth Cards by Truth Intuitions! Truth Cards are clear and concise. Our 100 card deck can be used in its entirety or broken down into a smaller customizable deck, framed for your inquiry.  Each card’s meaning is modernized and applicable to trials and stressors common in today’s society. Questions may be as general or as specific as you decide.

The numbers on the cards may be used for determining time lines. Draw a card while asking for the number that represents the timeframe of the question or situation at hand.  You may use the message on the card to gain clarity about that timeframe. For example, a number 1 drawn could be as soon as 1 day, or as far out as 1 year and all other variations in between. If the phrase on that card is “Space Needed”, you can infer that the timeline is most likely 1 month or more, since 1 day would be less likely. Trust your intuition and know that divine timing always plays a part in how soon or late the time frame comes to pass. 

Have fun with these cards, whether you are doing a full reading or pulling a single card of the day. You may also pick out the “yes” and “no” cards to shuffle and pull from them for a clear answer on a subject. There are no rules with how many cards you use.  You can pull cards until your soul says that’s enough. You will know when the reading has been completed. Truth Cards are meant to feel true to you! So allow your creativity to shine through.

To help kick off your journey towards truth, we created a few card spread ideas and a glossary of alternative meanings.