Sign: Cancer
Birthday: 7 / 14 / 1987
”I love what I do and I believe my passion for the spiritual world puts my clients’ fears to rest. I read for them because I want to help clients rediscover their personal power. I share my psychic ability to inspire change, growth and healing.”



Sign: Cancer
Birth Date: 7 / 10 / 1987
”It is my passion and my purpose to bring healing and clarity to all who seek it. My super power is my intuition and with that I help myself and others.”



Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Date: 11 / 29 / 1987
”We are entitled to emotional healing, peace & joy — most of us need support getting there. I love the way psychic readings empower us to discover our own self healing and intuitive power, illuminating the path to becoming our best selves as soon as possible.”