Mission & Ethics

We built Truth Intuitions with love, compassion and a little magic.


Truth Intuitions is a spiritual lifestyle brand and online community. We spread the message of unconditional love through spiritual counsel and inspirational product offerings. We provide quality, faith-based teachings and readings that help enhance the lives of people from all walks of life.

We are dedicated to creating awareness around metaphysical topics often overlooked in mainstream media. This open spiritual dialogue is important in breaking down social conditioning. We support healing and growth. Serving you positivity and encouragement is our joy!

Our Gold Standard Guarantee ensures genuine care and delivery of all products and services. We are passionate about providing guidance, resources, and treasures that will benefit our clientele for years to come.

Thank you for choosing us! We value your support and trust and look forward to assisting you along your spiritual journey!  We value the privacy of our clients and will abide by our commitment of confidentiality.


We will advise with integrity and transparency.

If we face an energy block and cannot effectively connect to provide insights, we will refund your payment.

We will not up-sell you on energy cleanses or “curse removals”.

We do not predict lottery winnings, deaths, health issues, successful pregnancies, court case victories or divorce.

We operate from a space of love and respect all life paths.

We are here to provide guidance and insight, not to make decisions for you.

We believe in free will, and therefore do not guarantee predictions.

We will be sensitive in our delivery.

We will put 100% effort and consideration into each of our readings.