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Your psychic advisor will tune into your energy surrounding the situation, question or concern at hand and provide you with clear guidance on the direction that is in your highest good. We will provide you with insight surrounding the past, present and future, empowering you to build the road ahead. The future is never set in stone and we all have the ability to manifest our own destiny. If you do not prefer your present life path, let’s develop a plan to change it today!

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To best assist you with the most accurate psychic readings, critical details must be provided. For example, in a love reading please do not conceal a vital piece of information, such as a person of interest being married. This fact influences how tarot and oracle cards are perceived. Our code of ethics outlines our privacy policy. We are compassionate and here to provide you with non-judgmental spiritual guidance. The more open you are during your session, the deeper we can see into your concern.

Please take the time to read a little more about us if you are new to our psychic readings.



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Our e-reading service provides a one-time psychic reading via email. Submit a very specific question or concern on one topic of your choosing.

You will receive a 10–15 minute private YouTube video link from your psychic within 72 hours after the appointment time you select. Adding as many details about your situation as possible will help you receive a more accurate and fulfilling reading.

Note: You will not be able to reply to the e-reading.




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Ask your Psychic a specific question regarding love, career or any situation that needs clarity. You will have a live, face-to-face conversation with one of our Psychic Readers via FaceTime or Skype to establish a deeper connection to your energy and the issue at hand from wherever you are located.

Once your reading is booked, your Psychic will reach out to you on the date and time of your appointment.

$45 – $180




Save 20% by booking one of our our psychic reading packages. Book three readings and schedule them all at once or as you go!

save 20%



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