Scroll through the card names in alphabetical order to find alternative meanings. The most straight-forward cards of the deck are not listed below — those cards are more of an I said what I said energy, so read them as they are.


Accurate Psychic Ability
trust the psychic and intuitive information that is being shared with you, seeing the situation accurately 

Alcohol Or Drugs Involved
partying, use of substance to deal with stress or depression, prescription medication 

not ready, distraction, putting it off 

financial goals, partnerships, opportunity, priorities 

Change Perspective
seeing from a new angle, a change in thinking is needed, see the others point of view 

something that resonates with you 

immature, playful energy, just wants fun 

Epiphany, understanding 

time to release, move on, answers given 

Communication Coming
news, conversation, or answers are on the way

Commitment Issues
uncertainty, scattered energy 

Concerns About Money
feeling of loss or lack 

Considering Options
weighing pros and cons 


sadness, grief, loss 

Don’t Settle
something is off, doesn’t feel right, you can do better, you deserve more 

Don’t Take It Personal
nothing to do with you on a personal level, other reasons, other issues 

Family Influence
family or family-like relationships are influencing the situation or perspective, influenced by friends or family 

takes place in the autumn season, slow progress, unexpected obstacles 

past baggage , need to let go 

mutual understanding

Going To Contact You
news, conversation, communication coming 

Having Sex
involved in passion or creativity, filled with inspiration, masturbation, desire 

Home Changes
moving, travel, vacation, relocation of home or career, redecorating or cleaning of home, inner reflection of self 

Increased Money
increased financial prosperity, feeling valued 

Just Busy
focusing on career, other priorities, scheduling conflicts 

Legal Or Contract Matters
other priorities, prior commitments, legal agreements, contracts, karmic contracts 

secretive, self deception, withholding information, person in question is deceitful, betrayal 

Long Distance
distance physically or emotionally, something that may happen later on in time, only interacting online or via technology 

Marriage Is In The Cards For You
commitment is coming, partnerships, unions  

New Love Coming
new love interest, reignited love with someone familiar, new excitement or passion for life, new love of self 

No Other Interests
lack of prospects or options, not wanting to do anything else, not wanting to be with anyone else 

Not Going Back To The Ex
not repeating cycles or patterns, not looking to the past 

Not Having Sex
intimacy problems, lack of passion or drive, off balance sacral chakra, no desire, celibacy 

leave, stop, take a break 

Red Flags
warning signs, caution 

Relationship Will Go To The Next Level
advancement in a relationship or situation, improvement, things finally taking off 

lack of transparency, wall up, closed off, hiding something 

See A Doctor
health concerns, therapy may be needed, work out, better nutrition, diet, cleanse 

Seek Expert Help
get another opinion, talk to your guides, listen to your higher self 

alone, time apart, lack of communication, distance 

Sexual Desires
excitement, active sacral chakra energy, creativity, passion, creative energy 

Spiritual Path
a lesson to be learned, not on your timing, in divine timing 

takes place in the season of spring, fresh starts, new beginnings, detox 

Stop Reaching Out
stop trying so hard, take a pause, don’t give anymore of your attention or energy 

Stuck On An Ex
past baggage is a blockage 

takes place in the season of summer, warmth, progress, heated passion, fast movement 

Talking To Others
gossip, asking for advice, flirtatious behavior, playing the field 

communication via text, social media, apps, email, or written 

physical travel, relocation, vacation, moving in a new direction in life

Video Chat
communication via an app, social media, or phone in the format of a video 

Waiting For You To Reach Out
not likely to make the first move, waiting 

Wandering Eye
seeking other opportunity, looking at different options 

Will Get Back Together
reconnection, reconciliation, resurgence 

Will Have Children
will have kids, will produce results, birth to creative and new ideas, children come first, spending time with children 

Will Make It Right
resolved, resolution, healing 

takes place in the season of winter, coldness in energy or behavior, stagnation, lack of progress or action