Before you begin, be sure to cleanse your energy. Frustration and psychic readings do not mix! Remember that outcomes are not always absolute. If you need more details or have a follow up question, just ask, shuffle and pull again. Check out our YouTube channel for more tips on preparing yourself for readings and releasing negative vibes.


Past. Present. Future.

Use this spread to understand how a certain situation has changed over time and how it may play out in the future.

Card #1 represents the past energies of the situation, either recent or distant.

Card #2 represents the present energy of the situation.

Card #3 represents a possible version of the future based on past and present energies.


Is this the best path?

Sometimes we need reassurance that we are indeed following our intuition to a better outcome. Use this spread to gain clarity around making a tough choice.

Card #1 represents the truth of the current situation.

Card #2 represents a very likely outcome if you remain in the current situation of your inquiry.

Card #3 represents a very likely outcome if you were to leave the current situation.

Card #4 represents information that will help you make your decision. This may reveal a hidden truth or give you insight to the lessons and bigger picture at play.

Card #5 represents advice on next steps to take in order to make your decision.


Where do they stand?

When you just can’t read someone and talking to them isn’t an option just yet, a reading can help you gain clarity.

Card # 1 represents the situation from the other person’s point of view. This may be an opinion of theirs you may or may not be aware of.

Card #2 represents their emotions about you or the situation.

Card #3 represents their thoughts and/or beliefs affecting the situation.

Card #4 represents what this person is doing that you aren’t aware of.

Card #5 represents this person’s next steps.

Card #6 represents the distant future possibilities with this person - how things may go in the long run.

Card #7 represents the likely outcome of the immediate issue with this person based on current energies.


I don’t know what to do!

Decision making is a part of the human condition we can all agree is pretty stress-inducing. Use this spread to help you get unstuck.

Card #1 represents the truth of the situation from a higher level perspective.

Card #2 represents your true feelings on the situation. This may illuminate fears or blockages preventing movement in the area of life brought to question.

Card #3 represents advice to help you make a decision. This may identify what is keeping you from connecting to your intuition and trusting guidance.

Card #4 represents suggestions for next steps to take towards the decision you know is right.

Card #5 represents a likely outcome if you are open to the guidance you received in this reading.


What are their intentions?

It can be hard to gauge sincerity sometimes when you are getting to know someone else for any reason. Use this spread to gain clarity around someone else’s intentions in love, business or friendship.

Card #1 represents their truth about the current situation.

Card #2 represents what this person actually wants from you specifically or for themselves in general.

Card #3 represents what they are truly ready for. Remember, you can’t control this part.

Card #4 represents their next steps.

Card #5 represents the most likely outcome based on what has been revealed in this reading.